A Year in Words, Thoughts & Photos

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So my first year as a wordsmith happened this weekend, so I thought I’d have a wee look back at what I’ve done, seen and experienced.

It all started with someone on Twitter suggesting I should try it. So lots of thinking followed with a “why the hell not?” So I started.

My first entry was after my visit to the Glen Garioch distillery in Oldmeldrum. Quickly followed by trips to The Benromach and Glen Moray Glen Moray Tour

There’s been fudge, festivals and smiles. I’ve been exploring my thoughts in my “Inside the Bottle” pieces. Perhaps too open? Perhaps too honest? Its been quite cathartic and if you have read any of them – thank you.

I have written about my festival trips from the first one last year at the Yorkshire Whisky Festival

Tastings with the Dram Team (memorable discoveries) Incredible Indies – The Dram Team and those I’ve been lucky to be chosen to take part in with Steve Rush The Balvenie Tweet Tasting – The Craftsmen’s Dinner

So many fab opportunities. Lots of fun, a hell of a lot of smiles. Great memories and a lot to look forward to.

If this is your first time reading my words “hello” and thanks for popping by. And to everyone else that has, thank you.

Big hugs as always – Sarah / Smiley / Smoggy x x


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