Inside The Bottle: Opinions and Choices

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Sometimes you have too much thinking time…or perhaps you have the time to think, to just kind of question things?

Anyway something that’s been making me ponder for more than a while is opinion, or opinions, maybe even choices and decisions? We have the opinions that are given to us. Sometimes we ask for opinions, and others…well they’re foisted upon us on us in such a manner that it’s akin to staple gunning you to a sheet of plywood. Then choices? Can’t please everyone! Ouch.

Stay there. Listen. And accept.

But should we? We all have our own opinions – would the world not be a boring hideous place if we all agreed, all felt the same? Things change. Tastes change. People change.

Variety is the spice of life…or so they say.

I feel this blog covers many areas of my life. I’ve spent many years being agreeable for the sake of peace…and I rather feel this really isn’t all that healthy or in my best interests. This is true of whisky and how or what we perceive it to be, or what our palates allow us to taste.

I have sort of touched on this in other blogs too. The fact that we have to in some cases learn or be brave enough to just speak as we find, or type as we taste.

There will always be that one person (or group) that has / have a well honed / well seasoned sense of nosing and tasting. There will be those who quietly reflect on what is in their hand and test and tease themselves in order to understand and learn what a particular region / distillery / grain / wood / finish gives them. I think I might fall into this category. Then we have the (assuredly) confident, who do have a far better sense of what they are experiencing, who have probably had the pleasure of sampling many whiskies over many years. The type of person that you can learn from. Take tips from. But have no fear, I am sure they question themselves too (on occasion)?

We perhaps have the “I know I am right” brigade too. Those who instinctively pounce on other’s opinions. Those who feel the opinions and choices of others are automatically incorrect and they must let you know. And you WILL listen…

Things change. People change. Tastes change.

I used to loathe some whiskies… I had a few awful bottles over the years. They gave me nothing, and were quite uninteresting and unpalatable drams.


Now. Well now I have had a few different expressions or bottlings and this has allowed me to in some cases have a complete turnaround. On occasion this has amused me as I feel I might have missed out on some interesting tastes and moments… Hindsight eh?

Now to digress..

I think the crux of this piece is that this is all* a journey… It should be a journey of discovery & adventure. It should be intertwined with friendship and joie de vivre. Spit out that which taints your (whisky or otherwise) palate and embrace the delicious offerings that want to delight you. Be spontaneous.

Try Fujikai. Don’t try Fujikai. Cherish the last drops of whisky in a memorable bottle…or don’t. Love Jura or hate Jura (yes, I’ve seen the ones that don’t like it, however I DO.)

I am a lapsed fan and a proud Diurach.. Pass me a bottle of the 21 year old and sit with me in front of a fireplace on a Winter’s night and I am sure I will rekindle my smile. Love peat or hate peat. I’ll keep popping back to it. Because some days call for it. Some call for the wonderful comfort of a beautiful “sherry bomb”. But it is our choice. Variety as I said is the spice of life.

Whether we are ladies or gents, we all have a place, and a voice. Just be kind.

*Life in general. This is not a dress rehearsal. Cock up. Laugh. Smile. Live.



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