Inside The Bottle: Me Again…

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with my little heartfelt blogs…honestly it’s one of the places where I can just say what I feel. And I like that.

So what’s occurring?

Well although I’d had the go ahead to make and sell my whisky fudge (in case there’s someone that has missed this) I hadn’t had my full ranking (which is okay as there had been preliminary checks.) Today was the day for that to happen. And guess what? I passed with flying colours… Am I happy? Yes.

Am I smiling? Yes.

Always smiling.

Life might be hard. It might continue to throw stinky stuff at us, but we have to push through it. I’m fully aware that I’m not the only one too. We get up. We affirm to ourselves that we’re worthy. We share experiences, and through that feel comfort. This bolsters us to carry on. But carry on we must. Anyway, I digress.

I guess I just wanted to share some fab news. I’m sat smiling as I’m writing this. I’m glad I have a few of you behind me…pushing me forward. So as always, thank you.

Me x


  1. global domination, millions in the bank… fine, if that what you want. But i think there is more that you expect, that you get for your handiwork. Keep it coming, make us smile.

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