Inside the Bottle: When Life Gives You Whisky…

You take a step to explore.. you try, you taste, you let it linger and enjoy the moments.

The colour can capture you. Draw you in, entice you. Tease you. Make you wonder and think about what the contents might reveal.

Then the nose. Appreciating what you have in your hand. Exploring its depths with each inhalation. Finding the words to describe the scents that are opening in your glass. Questioning if you’ve given it enough time to open and reveal itself. Hoping that the palate will match or enhance the senses…

The palate and that first tentative sip as the glass touches your lip and the liquid gently fills your mouth and hopefully delights your tastebuds. Did it deliver what you imagined it would? Has it made you smile as the flavours coat and move across your tongue? Has the anticipation of something wonderful paid off? And the finish. Does it warm you? Does that moment fill you with wishes. Does it pull you back into a moment. A daydream perhaps? Maybe it gives you a thirst to want more. To explore more. To know more.

These whiskies we find. The truly special ones that we dare not finish as we might not have another opportunity to sample and appreciate. Those are the truly special ones.

I hope to find more x


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