Gin. To love or not to love?

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Well that’s certainly a question that I’ve been considering of late. Do I like gin? Or possibly it should be, do I like the new breed of gin? Maybe?

I imagine if someone had asked you a few years back if you fancied one, then it probably would have been Gordon’s Gin.

However, these days I’ve seen my local shop going from perhaps stocking half a dozen varieties to now having a “wall of gin”. And I have to say it’s big! I’ve tried a few varieties at festivals – but perhaps not alongside whiskies (induced squiffiness) but I have tried them. I like the fresh lighter ones that’s for sure, nothing too heavily flavoured. Edinburgh Gin have a delicious elderflower one. I’ve tried El:gin who do a gin with berries – the “Moray Berry”, bright and cheery and I dare say over ice would be a good summers drink. I’ve also sampled Darnley’s Gin, the Original and the Spiced were good. Not overly scented or flavoured. Last weekend I tried Eden Mill Oak Gin, and I do like the taste of oak / wood so that’s a plus!

What I think this shows is that there is obviously a call for these new spirits, and as new distillleries have started to produce them while their first whisky comes of age then I think it’s time to see what else appears. At the end of the day it’s for us to remain “old school” and stick to what we know best or perhaps to have a tentative sip of something new… not being an avid gin drinker if I see something that takes my fancy I’ll have a sip. I’m sure there’s a little something for all palates. Especially if you fancy a bit of gin fudge…

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