Tamdhu Tasting

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I’d buggered my dates up on this one and ended up at The Whisky Lounge Bristol.. naughty me. Saying that I had a wonderful time there. And I apologised for my silly mix up too.

But tonight I’ll sit with these four bottles from Tamdhu, and I have really been looking forward to trying them.

I’m trying:

Tamdhu New Spirit 69.7%

Tamdhu 10 year old 40%

Tamdhu Limited Edition 46%

Tamdhu Batch Strength 58.5%

Tamdhu New Spirit 69.7%

So here I go, the New Spirit. Fresh with a fruity nose. Smells like fresh baked bread. Quite malty. A hint of banana? And a touch of vanilla.

Palate is quite obviously powerful. Full of red fruit and sugars. Like a soft berry compote. Quite malty. With a warming finish with a touch of oak.

Tamdhu 10 year old 40%

The first thing I notice is a gentle vanilla and it gives a gentle sprinkling of cinnamon and a creaminess. A little caramel with some delicious oak.

Very smooth on the palate with cinnamon and cream, vanilla and a touch of ginger perhaps. There’s a lovely sweetness there with sherry and that delicious woody flavour.

Lovely long finish a bit dry but still very pleasant. With some sweetness lingering.

Tamdhu Limited Edition 46%

I love the rich colour of this. It’s got a rich Christmas cake nose. Some vanilla and lovely spices and that sherry. A bit of oak and some demerara sugar.

Again a delicious smooth mouth feel. It delivers a delightful burst of sherry and that lovely richness which the nose promised. A touch of chocolate? and maybe a sprinkling of spice and oak.

The finish, warming with a slight dryness but again the wood comes through.

Tamdhu Batch Strength 58.5%

Definitely getting some bread on the nose. And some cinnamon and spice. A little vanilla but a full sumptuous offering. It’s a bit like a bar of Mr Toms. Sherry really came to the fore as I added some water.

A lovely richness on the palate. Sweet sticky fruit with a touch of pepper and the sherry tastes wonderful. I like the oak.

Deliciously slightly tingly (spicy) but warm finish which mingles with the vanilla.

I was chatting to a friend who said that M&S have the 12 year old, so this might be something to explore at some point too.

Thank you Steve, and thank you Tamdhu.

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