Bristol Whisky Festival

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Saturday 29th April saw me attending the Bristol Whisky Festival.

I had travelled down the day before to stay with Jo for the evening. An adventurous journey that saw me spending some time in Cheltenham (I’ll get the pronunciation correct at some point) where I took myself off to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Many giggles from me at the double entendres. After which I was off to meet the lovely Jo and her hubby.

Saturday saw us up and dressed and off to Brizzle (get me.)

The venue was a hall, the name of which is causing much consternation in the local area.

Standing in the queue I was greeted by a fellow tweeter and eventually worked out who they were.

So glass, pipette and tokens in hand it was upstairs to get cracking. First stop was to see the lovely Dave from That Boutique-y Whisky Company and get my first dram too.

After saying hello to Dave it was nice to see some more friendly faces, the ever so humorous Colin Dunn and his megaphone adding additional comments to Eddie’s announcements.

I must say this festival was more about mingling and chatting this time. Met some fellow tweeters namely Adrian and Jon. Then Rob. Who else? Said hello and a brief chat with Gina 🙂 then a chat with Amanda and Liz.

Then out for lunch with some folks from the Stroud Whisky Club.

After coming back I finally spoke to a couple from Newcastle who I’d first spotted at Birmingham last year (eyeing my Glen Moray bag) and then Newcastle and now Bristol. So at least I now know Nicky and John and I’m sure I’ll see them both again. Had a nice Kilkerran from Grant and later bagged a few wee samples for a bit of experimenting…

Whilst stood at TBWC stand I was approached by the lovely Chris of the Dram Team. A great chat and finally a chance to put a face to a name…but forgot to thank him for his funny messages on the monthly box cards…so thank you. They are most welcome 🙂

A big thank you to everyone I spoke to for making me feel so welcome. Thanks for the laughs and conversations and who knows, you might see me soon!



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