Glenfiddich #01 IPA Experiment Twitter Tasting

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Last night saw us taking part in the Glenfiddich Experimental IPA #01 tasting on Twitter. This is a Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky which was finished off for 3 months in casks that formerly held IPA. The whisky is 43% abv. Also accompanying the whisky was a bottle of Brew 2. This was in fact the IPA which is used to season the casks for the whiskies.

The whisky itself had a lovely golden colour with fresh fruit and a delicately floral note.

Juicy apples and pear with vanilla, and this felt smooth in the mouth. Having poured some into a fresh glass for the serve I was rewarded with some fresh scents of orange and honey, and along with it the Challenger hops started to come through.

On the palate there was ginger and caramel with honey. Touches of spice with hops and the citrus fruit with some oak from the casks.

We then moved on to Brew Two. This was the IPA that was developed and brewed to season the oak casks. This had a distinct orange colour which I wasn’t expecting. Not sure why.

The nose was lemon and hops (obviously) but it was bitter. I could definitely taste those flavours in the whisky albeit to a lesser extent.

Someome asked if I was a beer drinker. This gave me a “been there, done that, bought the t… CAMRA badge and won the bar runner” moment. So yes, I’ve been a beer / real ale drinker. From Bishop’s Finger to Wobbly Bob, Fraoch and even sampling some brews from the “new kids on the block” type breweries, but guess my palate has changed as I just don’t drink them anymore.

Anyway, I digress, this IPA just wasn’t for me. But it told a story.

Now was the time to unleash the blood orange peel from its packet and gently coat the rim of a glass with its flavour before giving it a final twist as it met the IPA whisky and some ice…

I think I finished by saying it was an interesting opportunity to try something different. The IPA explained the tastes in the whisky and the serve highlighted the tastes.

The only whisky serves / cocktails I’ve enjoyed thus far are The Whiskey Jar Manchester G&T which starts off having the glass laced with Laphroaig 10 and the Big Peat Smoky Sour.

Thanks as always to Steve from @thewhiskywire for the opportunity.


    1. Thank you. Ah…the perils of me responding at work (misread it.) I enjoy them. They’re an opportunity to sample along with others and engage and interact. The Dram Team ones were pretty interesting. Some fabulous delights amongst them too.

      If I could do more, I would. It’s an opportunity to develop not only an appreciation for the whiskies but an education in expressing thoughts of the experience.

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