UK vs. USA Twitter Tasting

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On the 22nd March I had the opportunity of taking part in the UK vs. USA twitter tasting. This would consist of two rounds between Glen Grant and Wild Turkey.

Round 1 –

Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 10 year old 40% abv


Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey – 50.5% abv

First whisky of the evening was the Glen Grant 10 year old. The colour was rich and golden, and the nose was light and fruity. Barley and custard creams delighted the palate along with apples and pears. Vanilla ad sweet custard with the feintest waft of nail polish remover (not a bad thing.)

The palate delivered a wonderful apple crumble with delicious custard, pears and a malty flavour. A bit earthy but with cinnamon, sweeties and perhaps some strawberry foams. The finish was dry, and that malt remained. It was slightly bitter with a touch of black pepper and a slight warmth.

Next up was the Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey with its amber colour. This delivered a lovely vanilla, zesty orange with spices and caramel. It reminded me a little of the perfume “Opium”…I got a hint of something delicious on the nose that I still can’t put a name to. Oak and custard also make a delicious appearance.

The palate was bold & brashy heat with some spice and bitter cocoa. The finish was delicious with peppery oak.

Round 2

Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 12 year old 43% abv


Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey – 40.5% abv

First up in round 2 was the Glen Grant 12 year old. A lovely bright gold. The nose delivered pear drops with some apple and honey. Vanilla accompanied a wonderfully fruity scent with something reminiscent of tea, and saccharine with a slight perfume and a touch of menthol. The palate was apple pie and with some sweet custard again and a wee sprinkling of spice. This had a long fruity finish.

And last but not least was the Wild Turkey Rye whiskey with its vanilla and oaky smoky nose and its rich deep yet bitter palate. The finish was oak and burnt caramel and sugar, sweet yet bitter.

I have to say it was round 1 for me. And a very close split between the Glen Grant and the Wild Turkey Whiskey. Both had their plus points and both equally enjoyable.

Thanks to Steve from the Whisky Wire for the samples and to Glen Grant and Wild Turkey Whiskey – thanks too!

Slàinte 🙂IMG_4103

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