Douglas Laing Reveals the Old Particular “Consortium of Cards” Collection

Imagine my surprise! I returned home from a lovely time in Newcastle to an intriguing padded brown envelope from Douglas Laing. And as the title tells you, inside there was a new release from them. This is the first limited edition within the Old Particular range, and it is themed around a deck of playing cards, with four releases planned in 2017.

The series has launched with the “Queen of the Hebrides”, an Old Particular Laphroaig.

This particular single malt whisky is 18 years old and 50% abv.

First of all you notice the lovely golden colour of the whisky.

The nose is unmistakingly Laphroaig, with sweet smoke, there’s treacle toffee too, a bitter sweetness which I can’t fully describe, and old leather. It’s soft and creamy and very enticing.


The peated smokey flavour slips effortlessly into your mouth, you know its there, but it’s not too intense. There’s a smoothness and it’s sweet but at times there it is.. a touch of intensity as it just tinges the insides of your cheeks and react by gently drawing them in, to savour it on the palate.

The finish is warm and delicious, the smoke remains there on the palate.

Some whiskies take me to moments, be they real or not. Simply taking some time out of the here and now and slipping off to somewhere else can be the most wonderful experience… perfect!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Douglas Laing for sending me this sample.

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