Inside the Bottle – Why Choose That Bottle?

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I guess this is something that I think a lot about, especially when I look at the whiskies I have.

The why?

Initially I think it was from visiting distilleries and enjoying one of their whiskies, then it was maybe a suggestion from someone to try something different. Then there’s the old “it was on offer, so I thought I’d give it a bash!” (To note: this can sometimes result in a less costly mistake, yet still a mistake.)

Way back in my early twenties when I started to drink, I was a Rolling Rock, Diamond White, followed by JD and Diet Coke type of girl…this then went to some real ales, then developed into wine, then I completely stopped drinking for a good number of years. It seemed a bottle of wine would be opened but with early starts and travel the next morning there was no point in having more than a small glass. Then remembering you still had it a few days later and by then it wasn’t any good. So I stopped drinking.

Then I guess my interest in a relaxing drink started again with a glass of wine and maybe a dram. This was to be Jura. Origin and Superstition, Elixir when it was released. The wonderful Jura 21 year old and the Diurach’s Own bottlings. And I guess that and bottles of beer I was sorted. Yet the last couple of years the ale started to slide and red wine started going to my head more easily so slowly but surely whisky started to make more and more of an appearance.

This takes me to the here and now.

Now I tend to read websites and learn what might be worthy of trying, or from friends and acquaintances.

Visiting distilleries still leads to new discoveries, as do the whisky festivals that I attend. Having the opportunity to sample so many different whiskies under one roof, pouring away the odd one that just doesn’t deliver and savouring those that just leave their mark. And from that, then seeing what else is out there.

It’s becoming an interesting journey developing an appreciation of what I want to spend my hard earned cash on, and my time with.

I think from reading my blog you’ll know what some of my favourite distilleries are, as well as independent bottlers. So, long may it continue…

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