Old Pulteney Clipper – Single Malt Whisky

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Old Pulteney are a distillery whose whiskies I have enjoyed on and off over the past few years, so when I was contacted to see if I would like a sample, well, I could hardly say no!

The Limited Edition Clipper commemorative bottle was launched in July 2014. This was matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks (46% vol.)

My thoughts…

The colour is a golden with quite fine legs.

On the nose there is a touch of cinnamon. It is sweet and it’s like opening a packet of dried fruit and taking in the aroma, with that there is a vanilla and a lovely freshness and Bendicks white chocolate and you get the scent of the casks it laid in.

Its palate is smooth with honey noticeable at the start and that subtle cinnamon reminds you that it is still there. It feels quite fresh and vibrant and a little spice just comes through with the oak.

The finish was quite long with a feint fruitiness at the very end.


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