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Recently Wishky asked if any bloggers would be interested in trying one of their boxes. Luckily I was one of them.

So who are Wishky? They are a subscription service where you can sign up to have whisky samples delivered to your door, there are two options a trio or a quartet.

From their webpage “Your favourite whisky subscription service is here.

Wishky brings you monthly whisky tasting boxes. We find the finest whiskies from around the world and help you experience something new”.

So what’s in the box? There are 3 x 50ml samples in small bottle with cork stoppers, a small envelope containing tasting cards, a business card, a card to encourage you to introduce a friend, and another to explain things, and to inform you that you can score your whiskies on their webpage.

The three whiskies are:

#954 anCnoc – 12 year old – Highlands

This is a single malt – 40% abv.

Nose: A rather soft sweet floral nose, honey and lemon a smear of butter. Peach and a little soft spice.

Palate: Fruity with some initial spice and warmth, a slight bit tart. Feels like it needs a bit of body.

Finish: A bit of warmth coming from the spice and not such a long finish to this..

#968 Glendalough – double barrel, this is aged in first-fill American oak bourbon barrels and progresses to double age in first-fill Spanish Oloroso sherry casks – 42% abv

Nose: A light nose, some fruit, quite astringent. It is lightly floral.

Palate: Slightly dry, and definitely getting wood and light fruits and pepper.

Finish: Again getting wood in my mouth, quite short finish.

#987 Poit Dhubh 8 – unchilfiltered, this is a blended whisky. It’s meaning is “illicit still” – 43% abv

Nose: There is a light peat to this, a bit of pine, fruity and soft vanilla just peeking through. A hint of rubber and a little warm leather. A hint of sherry.

Palate: Quite gentle on the mouth, that smoke isn’t too overpowering. Fruity and not too harsh, but it is definitely warming.

Finish: Lightly smoked and there’s still a fruitiness till the end…

I’d like to thank Wishky for sending me this set to try.


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