The Macallan – Twitter Tasting

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Burn’s Night 2017 saw me taking part in The Macallan twitter tasting organised by Steve Rush of the Whisky Wire.

We started the night with the Fine Oak which is 12 years old and triple cask matured.

A lovely pale straw colour. The nose is very light, soft and creamy and delicately fruity and there’s a hint of spice. There is also a lovely honey and vanilla which also comes in on the palate. You also get the oak and again this is what you can taste on the finish with the spice just leaving you at the end. Not sure if the 40% abv just leaves it lacking?

The second of the evening was the Sherry Cask which was matured in sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain and again a 12 year old and like the others 40% abv.

With a rich golden colour, this delivered sherry on the nose, with fruit and delicious vanilla  and a touch of cream and a slight hint of ginger. The palate was smooth again with the vanilla and spice and a hint of wood. The finish was sweet, with the oak and subtle spices lingering briefly.

We then moved on to the last of the night, the Double Cask which is also a 12 year old and double cask matured with an abv of 40%.

This has a slightly richer straw colour. The nose delivers a light fruity nose, with orange and vanilla and a sweet creaminess. The palate is quite light with honey and spice with the fruit and orange coming through, it finishes dry with the oak coming through with a hint of orange.

In order of preference it was the Sherry Cask, then Double Cask with the Fine Oak coming in on third place.

Thanks to Steve of @TheWhiskyWire for the opportunity and fellow tweeters for the interaction.


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