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…but one reason I end up in York… Whisky!

I met a few lovely people when I was down for the Yorkshire Whisky Festival on the 10th September, one of them was Ben Bowers. At that point he was the person who answered my “hello Ben, where do I get the whisky holder things?” at which he kindly directed me down the escalators… Anyway I digress. This would be the point that I also learned about his epic mission to raise £5,000 for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. One Man, One Year, 366 Whiskies. So I donated £36.60 as it is such a worthy charity that will help the lives of so many.

I then started making whisky fudge and sold some in my office and on Twitter and we gave him some more money, and through tweeting Ben too, when his Final Three Live was announced and he said it would be good if I could make it, I decided to head back down…this time with fudge to sell there. And sell it did some of the 250g boxes went for £10 too (a mere drop in the ocean.)

What a wonderful night, if Ben was nervous it didn’t show. The whole room was behind him. The live auction was brilliant to see, being there watching people eagerly bidding. The silent auction too 🙂 (except the part where I decided to check upon a bid that I’d emailed in, wrote it down, walked up to the table picked up the envelope… “bollocksed 😀 as I had written down the same bid) anyway long story short my bid was successful and I took the bottle home at the end of the night. Another to add to the collection.

It was lovely to meet Adrian from Claxton’s Whisky and try some of their wonderful selection… The Glenrothes 19 year old really did hit the spot! Thank you!

And Chris from Edinburgh, it was lovely speaking to you. And the Glen Kinky (Glenkinchie) really had me giggling… and I hope that if he reads this, that your wife enjoyed the fudge you bought her.

I’ll finish with this, I am glad Ben is continuing his fund raising and I am sure that he will continue to have everyone’s support.

And Ben, thanks for saying I should come down, it was just what I needed and just to add

See you in 2018!



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