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I really wasn’t quite sure how to lead into this review of the Balcones tasting that I had the pleasure of being part of…So I had another look at their website.

What struck me is their passion to create, and I quote:

“Eight years ago, Balcones was little more than an idea fueled by a ruthless drive to create something new, something genuine, something worthwhile – a Texas whisky tradition. It all started with an old welding shop under a bridge. We hammered and welded our own stills, and sawed and nailed on that little shack to build the distillery that we use to this day. Since then, we have released ten unique whiskies and spirits, of which we are very proud, and won over 140 national and international awards from the world’s top judges and critics. We don’t just make whisky in Texas. We make Texas whisky.”

And I do firmly believe that we all tasted some of that passion that night…

Baby Blue Whisky – 46% ABV – This is crafted from blue corn – on the nose, lovely vanilla, butter with toffee and cream. Honey and hints of cinnamon and I found it to be very appealing. The palate was lovely and rich with mouthwatering fruit and a gentle kick. Sweet but satisfying. Staying with the whisky a little longer I began to get tea that had been brewed a little too long, yet balanced by lemon and sugar. The finish was good with hints of leather and heat remaining from that spicy kick.

Next up was the Staff Selection Single Barrel – 63.7% ABV – This is Balcones annual tribute to their dedicated team, bottled at cask strength and NCF. What a delicious nose, rich fruitcake, butter, divine dark sugar and a good pinch of spice. And leather. The palate gave a nice warmth from the spice. Some rich coffee and good bitter chocolate, but that spice… A delicious finish indeed.

Rum Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky – A bit of a belter at 64.2% ABV – What I noticed first was the nose just drawing you in with caramel and sweet fruits and spice, the palate delivering delicious honey, again some heat from spice and bitter chocolate, packing a bit of a punch.

Texas Rum – 63.9% ABV – Now I have never really been a rum drinker… But there might be a change a coming…A sweet nose but with a hint of fruit and sugar and it had me thinking sip woman, sip! What a mouthful. A real pleasure of dark chocolate, dark rich fruit and spices. Yum!

Blue Corn Bourbon (2nd Release) – 64.8% ABV – Here is where I went off track…but through a kind prompt I then caught up and went on to the Texas Rum, so read that then come back to this 🙂 Another inviting nose, simply just drawing you in – bread, butter and pepper, a savoury note with pepper, tobacco and just a hint of leather. The palate again delivered a good mouthful of flavour with some spice again. A delicious finish warm and satisfying and it really hit the spot!

This tasting was a real eyeopener…a real pleasure and a sense sensation.

A great tasting, lovely company and an absolute delight to be introduced to Balcones Whisky!

Thank you Steve, and thank you Balcones for a delicious insight into your passion.



  1. Such enthusiastic review from Scotch lover of an American whisky. It is absolutely fantastic time to be whisky lover. USA, Canada, countries of Europe that never been, now become the makers of liquid sunshine that is awesome! Thanks for that review. Cheers!

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