Balvenie – PortWood

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Last Sunday afternoon I took myself off to an old bar which has a rather healthy selection of whiskies… Well nearly. I had gone with the anticipation of trying some slightly older Glenfarclas, either a 30 or 40 year old, but unsurprisingly they were finished.

So, having had a look at ye olde whisky catalogue and frankly being dazzled by some of the prices (understandably so (please send donations for future visits)) I opted for a Balvenie PortWood which is 21 years old, and is a marriage of rare Balvenie which is transferred to port casks which have previously held fine port wines this come from a distillery which I am looking forward to visiting in 2017.

This dram had a lovely bright amber colour. Lovely rich fruit, with warming vanilla and quite creamy quite soft and incredibly inviting, there was a certain tartness there, maybe a hint of orange. The palate was delicious and though felt quite dry, it was a lovely feel on the mouth, there was caramel and vanilla with soft spices and a beautiful fruitiness and a delicate hint of spice. The finish was warm and delicious and basically very lovely…


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