Jura – Boutique Barrels 1999

I have had this bottle in the house for a few years. I opened this over a year ago and toasted life while sitting in the evening air on my decking with my brother. It has to be said that he loved it.

This is the Jura Boutique Barrels – A single cask bottling NCF 55% – heavy peat, bottled at cask strength from a Kentucky Bourbon Cask, and was distilled 27.01.99.

The colour of this was quite a golden amber.

Nose: Pepper, smoke and wafts of tobacco. Vanilla and some blue cheese, rubber and some pine coming through too. Yet there was a soft floral scent too. A smidgeon of fruit and pine.

Palate: That smoke just fills the mouth, and hits your tastebuds with pepper and a tangy fruitiness too. A creamy vanilla and a certain dry wood. It was a little tart but warming. Again I was getting that slight hint of blue cheese.

Finish: Quite long and warming, and dry but still it is rather pleasant.




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