Whisky Musing… The Journey

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I have been thinking…

I have been happy returning to the arms of the whisky family, I have begun to flourish. I found a voice within me that wanted to express her thoughts on whisky and with encouragement I set about documenting my own personal experiences of experimenting, sampling and savouring the hidden delights of these casks that are awoken from their slumber to delight and tantalise our senses…from the humble source of the water, right through to pouring the whisky in to a glass and the eager anticipation of what might be. The process almost feels like a story where the characters all come together… And like all stories there are always two sides, and in our personal evaluations I strongly believe that we can have similar experiences yet until we sample the same whisky we cannot fully appreciate what others might have.

One thought was “how can I express my feelings and words in such a way to engage the reader and convey the colour, the nose, palate and finish?” but I have had some good feedback…

I’m learning a lot through the wonderful experience of whisky festivals (and tastings) too, as people interact with each other as whiskies are explored while senses are teased and toyed with during new discoveries (and sometimes the palate quashed by something you’d rather not try again.) Shared thoughts and shared experiences.

All this has awakened in me a true feeling of joy and excitement for the journey unknown… As well as friendship and a feeling of acceptance from my peers.

Sarah x


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