GlenDronach 1996

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Well I have waited to try this whisky since 2012. I often took the bottle out of the box to marvel at its wonderful rich sherry colour and hope that it would one day repay my yearning with its hidden delights…

This whisky was distilled in February 1996 in a single PX (Pedro Ximenez) Sherry Puncheon cask and was bottled in July 2012 at 16 years old.

Last week I finally got to slowly break the foil seal holding the stopper in place, slightly fuelled by excitement, and partly by the hope it would give me the pleasure I had been anticipating.

The colour: rich, dark and inviting

The nose: it was dare I say it a delight to let this sit and begin to open and reveal itself, initially there was a muskiness to it, it felt as if it had just been taken from the cask. Rich succulent fruits, raisins, and caramel. Then a warming vanilla came to my senses, followed by a feint tobacco. Dates then later some leather.

The palate: a beautifully lovely rich sherry smoothly caressing my mouth accompanied by lush vanilla. Then some tobacco and orange and lovely spices. The rich moist fruitcake and wonderful dark chocolate.

The finish: warm and lasting.

I sat with this dram for a good hour and a half if not longer, just enjoying the colour and nosing it and savouring the experience of it. I have to say like most things in life, sometimes certain things are more than worth the wait.



  1. You might be a beginner blogger, as you say, but writing this piece… Was a fully alive artist. It went much faster than i thought. This is very read.

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