I Like Doing Things With My Hands…

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Gasps of shock and horror…or stifled giggles?

It’s true however, I am a woman of many talents. From DIH (do it herself)…to deciding to make tab top curtains without the need of a pattern, to sewing or whatever, I am good with my hands 😉

And my most recent venture is Sarah’s Scrumptious Sweets (that’s me by the way.) So far the feedback has been positive, yes I had a couple of batches that didn’t set, but I worked out why and carried on.

It has been very well received by friends and family.

So the suggestion came of perhaps seeing if I could sell it at the Spirit of Speyside 2017 (thanks for the idea Mr. Worthington.) This is something I will need to research, so if anyone knows who I need to speak to, please let me know.

Well I have sold some for Ben’s charity the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund – just giving.com/adramaday please do have a look and donate if you can) so people will buy it.

First step was gaining a Food Hygiene certificate which I have now achieved.

So along with the fudge I have some other ideas of which a couple of close friends are privvy to…

So watch this space…while I put my hands to good work 🙂



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