Things To Smile About…

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I have been a very lucky lady of late, not only have I met some new friends I have also become reacquainted with some old ones too. In addition to this, I have either won or have been gifted some wonderful whiskies.

So a huge thanks to Bruichladdich for liking my pleading during “jesuisici” when I posted a pic of my desktop picture of a walk I had taken the previous year in the Lake District. This was coming off the Scarth Gap, the back of Haystacks near Buttermere (see photo below.) This was a day of thinking and taking in the sheer beauty of the fells. My gift was a lovely bottle of Bruichladdich Islay Barley.



I was also lucky to receive a wonderful bottle of Edited from Paul John whisky, this was from another competition where the lovely Dram_Gazette chose me and a fellow friend to receive this dramspankingly good whisky!


And finally, after a worrying day and a lovely Rebel Yell tweet tasting, I then found out I had won the RT & follow competition from Claxton’s. This is a rather delicious bottle of Ledaig 8 years old, so a huge thank you to Adrian and the team.

Talk about how to make a lady smile…



    1. Hopefully a blinking big smile George 🙂 and it’s nice being lucky and having a smile on my face.


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