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On Thursday 27th October I had the pleasure of partaking in another tweet tasting with The Dram Team. This was a superb collection five single malt whiskies and one single grain whisky from independent bottlers.

The whiskies were:

Single cask 10 year old Girvan grain, rum finish, by Creative Whisky Company

I found the nose on this to be quite gentle with nice caramel and fruit.

The palate was lovely, oaky and fruity with a delicious toffee, I added a drop of water to it. The finish was nice and warm with a hint of spice and I liked this one.

Provenance – Fettercairn 10 year old by Douglas Laing

This had a fresh fragrant nose, it was like clean laundry hanging on the washing line, sweet and inviting. Lovely soft ripe fruit, and perhaps a hint of galia melon. I found the palate to be gentle and soft, sweet with some butterscotch or werthers original, and vanilla. I almost got a whiff of nail polish remover (but not in a bad way.)

The finish was sweet, it reminded me of sweetex (artificial sweetener), though it was a lasting finish.

Single cask, cask strength Craigellachie 12 year old by The Gleann Mor Spirits Company

A peppery nose with rich fruits and spices, it struck me as quite bold. The palate was thick cream, dark chocolate. I found this spicy and warming. It packed a bit of a punch but gently apologised for it. I also got a little leather, and the smell of an old empty tin of St. Bruno.

Hoebeg Islay single malt by Robert Graham

The cooling embers of a dying bonfire…quite a bold nose, again I was getting some wood. I got a hint of TCP just wafting through. The scent was reminiscent of and old medicine box. The palate was again wood, freshly turned earth and charcoal. This had a nice finish to it once the smoke died a little.

Tobermory 21 year old cask strength by That Boutique-y Whisky Company

What can I say? Have tried a couple of their whiskies, so I was intrigued to see what this would bring. I was getting cocoa butter and milky bar on the nose, and it smelled so good I just had to have a sip. Warm spices and chocolate greeted my taste buds, this had a lovely finish. It was warming, and oaky – I described it like someone cupping your cheeks whilst giving you a gentle kiss.

Mortlach 21 year old by Murray McDavid

I started this with “Oh, hello…” the nose was simply delightful. It was beautifully rich and welcoming, with honey and cream saying “sip me”. How could I refuse? I found it alluring, I had a slight sandalwood feel about it. I felt if I savoured it then it would be gone all too soon. But yes, this hit the spot. It had a subtle tease of smoke, and the finish was delicious. I actually found myself a little lost for words on this. It took me somewhere nice, and I didn’t want to come back.

I would absolutely love a bottle of this.

And then the tasting drew to a close, another wonderful evening with lovely company.


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