Glenfiddich Visit

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I had passed this distillery many a time on travels over the years but this time it was a chance to go in and visit.

Tickets bought we went into watch the introductory film before commencing the tour itself.

A young lady took us on the tour. I guess what strikes you is the scale of operation, this is a large distillery. This was my late Father’s favourite distillery, one he hadn’t visited. The only one we visited together was Highland Park (and I admired his ability to receive a couple of additional samples.)

It was nice seeing the fallen angels (nothing wrong with that) in the warehouse…

We were then treated to some samples, we tried the 12, the Original, the 15 Solera reserve and the 18 Small Batch Reserve. I have to say I think the 15 and 18 went down well that day.

Definitely a distillery I want to visit again…


  1. This is a lovely distillery to visit and although it gets a lot of bad publicity it is possibly the most consistent whisky there is.. I do enjoy a “Fiddich” the 15 is lovely..

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