Benromach Visit

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My other Speyside visit on the 23rd September was to the Benromach Distillery which is in Forres.

Upon arriving it seemed as if I was the only person on the tour and I was assured (by a chap called Brian, who took the time to speak to me) that I would have some eye candy to show me round, this in the shape of young Seb. However, just as I had finished watching the introductory video we were joined by a couple from Chester who were about to embark on their first distillery tour.

We left the visitor centre and headed out, we were greeted by a truck delivering the latest consignment of malt to which we were offered to take a handful to smell as it was going into the store. Unfortunately there were not too many opportunities to take photographs on the tour. Once we were at the spirit safe we were shown bottled samples of the low wines and the spirits of which we were given a drop of the heart to rub in our hands to sample the aroma, and to have “clean hands”.

From here we went on to the filling room where we were just in time to see some casks being filled, so the offer of placing my finger into the flow and licking it to taste the whisky was a must!

Upon the return to the visitors centre I sampled the Benromach Organic Single Malt, this was a rather lovely whisky, tastes of pepper and sweet fruits with banana.

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